What Happens When A Southern-Fried Mesomorph Marries A Low-Carb Endomorph? Part 2 of 2

Bodytypes of Men: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph

The complexity is only highlighted, as one understands… 

Over a decade ago, a team of doctors gave me a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and Borderline Lupus. The crippling came on overnight. I could barely function.  In a flash, everything changed for me. Exercise became increasingly painful and avoided. Sleep did not refresh me when my pain eased enough to drift. My mind felt as if it was constantly in a fog and I could not recall common vocabulary mid-sentence. Dieting seemed useless, as I tortured myself only to find the scale would not budge. 

As I began to eat low-glycemic index foods, keeping my sugars to a minimum, I saw the scale move in my favor. It was extremely slow. If I dropped more carbs and stuck with healthy protein choices, my fat melted away. My fatigue and pain would lessen and I could increase exercise. I began supplementing with magnesium and found my Fibromyalgia pain was controllable. 

Sticking to this “healthy” plan came in waves. When my husband worked out-of-town, I always lost a good chunk of fat. When he returned, my weight also returned home. My husband believes I am sneaking abundant food behind his back once he gets home. He does not grasp my struggle. Nor do many of my friends. My well-intentioned friends who insist if I attended Weight Watchers I would lose the weight. They cannot believe I have stuck to the Weight Watchers diet in the past several times and still felt horrible and did not lose weight. I despair that some of those closest to me, who do not live in my shoes, doubt this is true. 

Thus, I am on the horns of a dilemma. It may seem impossible to solve. I cannot rid my home of junk food to make eating healthy easier. I envy women who have husbands who allow them to toss the junk food out and cook healthy. I resent their advice to do the same, when it is not an option. 

I must cook refined foods for my husband or it puts a horrible strain on my marriage and the family unit. My choice is to keep peace with my husband by preparing killer foods, which leaves me fat and miserable, or to split from my husband in order to feel alive and be healthy. However, as logic would have it, there are usually more than the two obvious options. Brainstorming is opening new doors or modifying the existing ones. 

The truth be told, I hate who I have become. This is influencing every area of my life. My health has deteriorated over the last decade since my diagnosis, with major emphasis on the last two years. I am at the crossroads. The paths lead to life or death.


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  1. To get your life (and body) back, you could try NeuroCranial Restructuring® aka NCR.


    I’ve been checking into this lately. Mainly for a niece of mine who has severe fibromyalgia.

    Also do a Google search for forum called The Women Warriors, and look for an article called Fibrosis, The Enemy of Life and also for Doctor Vickery’s Fibromyalgia cure. Getting the head on straight (literally) and making sure the C-1 is properly aligned, the fibromyalgia will go away. It will take some work though. Btw, I’m not a bot randomly putting in comments in WP blogs. I was doing a search on this body type called Mesomorph and came upon your blog.

  2. Your husband needs to have some more consideration. You have diagnosed diseases that you know, through trial and error, improve when you eat an unrefined, healthy diet. You’re not his personal chef, you’re his wife and that should mean some compromise, respect and support. I can sympathise – I am also an endo, endowed with a sluggish metabolism and I know how freaking awful I feel when i stuff myself full of junk. When i eat that shit, my abdominal cramping returns and I experience dull, aching pains throughout my body. As a note – I am gluten intolerant, have you tested whether you are sensitive to gluten?? That stuff can do some nasty stuff to your digestive system.

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I sympathise a lot with you and feel that while you are striving to make a positive change for yourself, you are not receiving the support you deserve…seek others out, even if only online and give yourself the encouragement you need!

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