Frittata Recipe Low Carb

Frittata in a Cast Iron Skillet

Italians have long enjoyed packing a slice of Frittata for their lunch.  Made of eggs, cheese, and a selection of vegetables and/or  meats. A Frittata is much like an omelet or crustless Quiche. It starts out on the stovetop and ends under the broiler.

Whether you are in the induction stage or further along, Frittata makes a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

First I took a small, well-seasoned, cast iron skillet. You may use any type of skillet so long as it is oven/broiler safe.  Adding about a tablespoon of cold pressed canola oil and coating the pan, I then added turkey breakfast sausage, broccoli, and seasonings. Covered with a lid I cooked over medium heat, with occasional stirring, cooking the sausage and steaming the broccoli.

Frittata on a Plate

I then poured 6 whisked eggs into the pan over the broccoli and sausage.  Again using a heat-resistant spatula, I turned as needed, as if I were making scrambled eggs. When the eggs were mostly done (just a little liquid in the center), I covered the eggs, sausage, and broccoli with cheddar cheese and placed under the broiler, about 6 inches away and broiled until golden.

Removing the pan from the oven and placing it back on the stovetop, I allowed the dish to remain untouched for about 5-10 minutes to finish cooking all the way inside. Cutting the Frittata into sizes that were carb and calorie appropriate for me, I ate one for my breakfast and put the other three in separate sandwich bags and stuck them in the freezer for quick and easy  meals to come.  Very satisfying and delicious!

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What Happens When A Southern-Fried Mesomorph Marries A Low-Carb Endomorph? Part 1 of 2

Body Types of Women: Mesomorph, Endomorph, and Ectomorph

And the answer is…conflict! My husband is that Southern Fried Mesomorph who lives to eat every refined carb deep-fried or smothered in sugar and has chosen me as his personal chef. I am the Endomorph who cannot eat refined carbs or deep-fried foods without getting extreme fatigue, abdomen cramping, and gaining massive fat stores. 

Sure, I prefer the taste of the “junk food,” but I simply cannot function when I partake of it. Since I was a teen, I had to eat and drink “diet” foods and go running daily to fit into a size 7. Fortunately, my husband, nor our children are overweight.

 Body types translate into all sorts of health language. One commonly discussed typing is that of the Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. It is the genetic shape of each person. 

Ectomorphs are the naturally thin people. They tend to be very lean with fast metabolisms. Even when an Ectomorph gains weight, they can lose quickly and return to their former lanky build. 

Mesomorphs are the people with athletic physiques. They tend to have good metabolisms and build muscle. When they overeat and pad their muscles with fat, they can regain their athletic shape by increasing their exercise and cutting calories with reasonable effort. 

Endomorphs are people given to round, padded shapes. They tend to carry fat easily and slowly metabolize. Most have issues with insulin resistance early on in life and given the western diet of refined carbohydrates, they blow up quickly. When they eat the typical low-calorie, low-fat, high carb diet, they do not lose much weight. 

What my husband fails to comprehend is the reason I had a defined shape when he met me was that I consumed low, unrefined carbs and exercised twice a day, alternating between aerobics/running and weight lifting. I have no other option. I could either contemplate how unfair life is and be miserably fat or make the best of my genes and live life to the fullest. 

In our home, my husband requires me to do all the cooking and becomes highly agitated when I do not serve him his preferred foods. Often we cannot afford both his junk food and my need for unrefined foods. When we can, I still struggle with having to prepare a couple of meals a day and dessert for my family and yet not being permitted to enjoy it. The aroma, textures, and colors beckon me. Temptation seduces me, to which I often succumb. 

My husband has quipped at me that if I cut back my portions and exercise more it would not be a problem. His lack of comprehension only embitters me if dwell on it, thus I shake off the viper and continue with a smile. My smile vanishes when I look in the mirror and see the reality of consuming the foods I must prepare. 

The complexity is only highlighted, as one understands…(continued in Part 2 of 2).