My Love/Hate Relationship With Myself

Love and Hate

“If I lose my excess weight…” 

  • I will like whom I see in the mirror.
  • I will enjoy buying clothing.
  • I will have more energy.
  • I will want to go more places and try more things that are new.
  • I will look forward to bumping into old friends.
  • My diseases might improve.
  • People will not judge me so harshly.
  • I will be able to fit into my very nice clothing again.
  • I will enjoy my life so much more.
  • It will build my confidence to push towards other goals. 

 “I hate being fat because…”

  • It makes me horribly insecure.
  • It robs me of vitality.
  • I fear I will die young from it.
  • It makes me self-conscious in intimacy.
  • I can barely squeeze down the aisle in the airplane or get the airplane seatbelt on.
  • I worry about which chair I sit on, as I do not want to break it.
  • Others do not understand how difficult my struggle and they all have the easy answers that will not work for either our family or me.
  • I feel ugly.
  • I feel out of control.
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